Arctic Monkeys by Ross Halfin

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Even without knowing this is “a song for the dead” i’d still know

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That moment when you finish to read ” Eleanor & Park”…

My fav drenge song.

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Me in the future

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And that’s one thing I don’t really understand. I feel like if Kurt Vonnegut, or anybody else whose art I appreciated, volunteered some personal viewpoint, whether I agreed or not, I think I’d just be curious to hear and then take it from there. I have every right to disagree. But just to say, “He shouldn’t do that” or “That’s going to keep me from reading his books.” That, I don’t relate to at all.

 I don’t understand telling any kind of artist that you don’t want their personal opinions involved.

 Eddie Vedder talks to Carrie Brownstein [Sleater-Kinney]

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Um, so, I leave your ovaries to explode. m’kay?

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Miles Kane [ x ]

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